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Perfectly Imperfect

If you are anything like me, you have been “chubby” your whole life, pretty much from the day you left the womb. Or you always seem to have “a clean bill of health,” but “you just need to lose weight” because you are obese or worse, morbidly obese. Here’s another scenario I have encountered during many doctor’s visits, “Mam, all your labs are coming back “normal,” looks like your healthy and nothing is wrong.” However, you constantly feel lethargic to the point where driving is even exhausting. Let’s not forget this one; you eat healthy, exercise and no matter what you can’t seem to lose a pound, while at the same time you manage to gain five pounds just from drinking a glass of water (yes I am exaggerating). All of these situations makes for a very frustrating life. Especially when you want to feel better, and you desire to be as healthy as you can be. I’m not trying to blame my weight on anyone because trust me; I am very much responsible for some of it. However, I was doomed from childhood because no one taught me how to live a healthy life. I was not encouraged to exercise, and all I ever ate was fast food because that is what my parents gave me. Do you see where I am going with this? I learned terrible habits at a very young age, and it has gotten me here, to weigh a whopping 270 pounds (350 was my highest weight, but I will share that story in another blog post). Yikes, right?! Despite me being “doomed,” I do have to say this is where we can learn from our mistakes. We as adults have to take responsibility for our actions and do what we have to do to change. Whether it be tiny steps, or huge leaps to become the healthiest version of ourselves. Trust me; it is very much worth it! With that said, this is why I decided to start writing a blog. I aspire for you to know that I can relate and remind you (and myself) that no one is perfect. We will always have setbacks, but that’s where we can get back up again and run full force to our goals. I believe there is a lesson hidden in all parts of life and those experiences can help us become a better person. Most importantly, I want to share my Plus Size Healthy Life with you. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

5 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect”

    1. Oh my goodness, absolutely! No matter what, we are responsible for our lives and will never change unless we make steps, even baby ones. I learned a long time ago when I try to make large changes at the same time, I end up setting myself up for failure. Thanks for the like! I’m just getting started, but seriously am loving this whole blog and designing a website thing.

      1. Definitely! Baby steps, we have to crawl then walk then run! It’s a long hard journey, but the rewards are sweet! I’ve recently gotten more into blogging myself and I love it also! Good luck and keep writing! 😊

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