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Supplements-Do We Need Them?

How important are supplements? Do we really need them? Here is the thing, when we maintain a healthy lifestyle, we don’t necessary need them. All vitamins and minerals should come from the food that we consume. However, I think at times it is necessary to supplement. I currently take a bunch, but I do not plan on taking them the rest of my life.  In this season of my life, I have to take a sh** load to get my body back in balance. I mentioned in a previous blog post that I am seeing a wellness and weight loss coach. I got tired of doctors telling me everything was okay with my labs, yet I was unexplainably gaining weight, I had all the symptoms of anemia, low thyroid and a bunch of other things. “Dr. Health” was able to find a collection of imbalances in my body that has kept me from losing more weight and the reason I constantly feel sleepy and lethargic. Let’s just say I have been running on adrenaline, for who knows how long now (my labs actually showed high adrenaline levels)! Since my body is in such bad shape, he has me taking specific Designs for Health supplements to help my body catch up and get it to where it needs to be, healthy! I’m really looking forward to feeling myself again, and this is just one part of my plus size healthy life.

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