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How to Take Charge of Your Health

What does this mean? How to take charge of your health? It can mean a lot of things, but I first want to tell you a story of my mom, which ultimately helped me with this very thing. Seven years ago I was forced with the decision to put my mom in a nursing home at the age of 59. Her diabetes and weight had gotten so out of control that it was impossible for her to take care of herself. I could undoubtedly look at her and see my future because I had reached 350 pounds myself. Seeing her in a nursing home at such a young age, was the moment I realized that if I did not make some huge changes in my life, then that was going to be me. To make a long story short, this is when my health journey started. Taking charge of your health is a process, and I knew it was time for me to take that step. Here are some techniques that I learned, that I still do by reminding myself on a daily basis. I believe they can be helpful for you during your health journey.

Recognize It’s Not Easy, but It Will Get Easier

If there is anything that I learned about changing my behaviors, it is anything but effortless. However, over the years it has gotten easier. I can get back up quicker from mistakes, move on from them and start over. You will learn new techniques, food alternatives and see what works best for your way of life. These are the things that make a hard thing less painful.  Yet, it will take time. Which leads me to my next point.

Remember It Takes Time

If you’re anything like me, you want immediate results. However, life does not always work that way. Especially when it comes to taking charge of our health. It will take the time to get you there. Our ultimate goal should be long term, not a brief season of our lives. If we try to rush a healthy lifestyle, then it can put added stress on us. Which in return, will put added stress on our bodies and keep it from responding to the changes as well as it should. I have learned that stress can damage our bodies in more ways than one (I will get into stress in another post when I can). So please, plan on taking charge of your health at a healthy speed, a speed that is comfortable for you.

Take Baby Steps

Taking small steps is another good way to take charge of your health. For me, When I begin small, I am more likely to succeed. Starting out this way is extremely beneficial. Now I am in a place where it is easier for me to make larger steps because my successes have given me confidence. In Making Healthy Habits I share some ways that you can start small. We want to make our health a lifestyle, not just something we pursue in one season of our lives. So let’s start small and set ourselves up for success.

Failure is Okay

Everyone is a work in progress nor are we perfect. Being perfectly imperfect is the only way to be. If you’re wondering what I mean by that, let me explain. We are all imperfect, and perfect in our way. Imperfections are what make us who we are. They help us to learn, grow and better ourselves. Leading me to the point that failure is okay. We are going to fall, so get back up and start again. If you eat something that was not the healthiest choice, then make a better decision the next meal. Dwelling on your choice is only going to make you feel awful about yourself and set you up for failure. When we can let go of things quicker, a huge weight will lift off your shoulders, and it will feel amazing. Take it from me, accepting your failures and moving on quickly is one of the best ways you can take charge of your health. I assure you, it is life changing!

These topics will be very helpful when leading a plus size healthy life. However, assuming command of your health is essential for anyone, plus size or not. I know they are necessary for my daily routine and it has changed my life a great deal! Let’s hope you are also able to take away from these things as I have.

Thoughts? Comments? I'd love to hear them!